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About Lola

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Lola Noir is a burlesque artist, producer & promoter, cabaret singer, youtuber, writer for Burlesque Bible, Pin Up News Magazine, Magazyn Modna Bielizna, as well as a lingerie, alternative & pin up model, hailing from Warsaw, Poland.

With a musical background and always having been a fan of everything retro, she discovered burlesque in 2012 and quickly signed up for regular classes. She supported local burlesque shows as a stage kitten, stage manager, sound&light manager and ultimately, a producer. Almost a year later to the day Lola Noir debuted at “Betty Q’s Birthday Show” and she hasn’t stopped ever since!

Lola Noir finds her inspiration in the Golden Era of Hollywood and famous artists of 1920s and 1930s – Clara Bow, Louise Brooks and Gypsy Rose Lee but she is also enamoured with famous Broadway musicals such as “Chicago” and “Cabaret”. Her art combines classic musical entertainment, vintage elegance and le chic érotique with thoughtful neo-burlesque performance.


  • Przegląd Piosenki Przegiętej (Bent Song Review) – 1st place
  • Master of Singing – Burlypicks Poland 2015

Publications by Lola Noir

  • Burlesque Audience Etiquette – Burlesque Bible, fall 2013
  • Jak stracić burleskowe dziewictwo – Portal Kobiet, February 2015
  • Co warto wiedzieć zanim kupisz gorset? – Magazyn Modna Bielizna, November 2020
  • Zmysłowa cenzura, czyli kilka słów o nasutnikach – Magazyn Modna Bielizna, December 2020

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